Medicaid Meaningful Users Beyond Their First Year of MU Must Submit 2017 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) Electronically

November 06, 2017

The State of Michigan’s EHR Incentive Program is in the midst of adopting and implementing a new process which makes it mandatory for program participants beyond their first year of achieving Meaningful Use to electronically submit their Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) for a 2017 program year attestation. In previous years, EPs have manually entered quality measure numerators and denominators into the eMIPP system within CHAMPS, and a few have instead elected to use voluntary program functionality to upload an electronic file containing their Quality Measure data, otherwise known as a QRDA (Quality Reporting Document Architecture) file. This is also referred to as eCQM reporting.

Beginning with their 2017 program year Medicaid Meaningful Use attestation, EPs beyond their first year of achieving MU must now attempt to report the quality measures required for successful attestation electronically through the organization which coordinates Health Information Exchange (HIE) services in Michigan, MiHIN (Michigan Health Information Network). The process/program which MiHIN will use to facilitate the submission of CQMs for MU attestations is called CQMRR(pronounced “Skimmer”) or the Clinical Quality Measure Reporting and Repository. In this process, EPs, or those acting on their behalf, will access the online CQMRR site (still pending) and upload a QRDA I or III level file. MiHIN will then validate the quality measure data contained within the electronic file and relay the information to the State of Michigan to satisfy the quality measure reporting requirement of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.

The finishing touches on this new process and the subsequent official State notification and instructions are being completed now, and additional information will be forthcoming soon. In the meantime, EPs who are planning to attest to MU for the 2017 program year and are beyond their first year of Meaningful Use should begin working with their EHR vendor to attain a QRDA level 1 or level 3 file from their EHR system. This is rarely a simple, easy process and with today’s EHR products, it often requires assistance from the EHR vendor.

M-CEITA is here to help! We are working closely with the State of Michigan and MiHIN on this new, developing process and can assist you with answering questions, working with your vendor to attain the needed QRDA file as well as assist with the upload to the pending CQMRR website. Most MU program participants also qualify for our heavily state-subsidized MU technical assistance which brings our highly valued MU services to EPs for only $200 per provider. Contact us at or 888-MICH-EHR.