Using QPP Data Analytics to Maximize MIPS Scores

With the first year of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) completed, clinicians and their teams need to move beyond the basics of the MIPS program and develop solid, score-increasing strategic plans to deliver high-quality/low-cost care, remain competitive, and ultimately protect those valuable Medicare reimbursement rates. Data analytics can help organizations maximize MIPS Final Scores, but few have the time, resources, and ability to leverage the data and Best Practice information coming out of the program’s inaugural year.

With our unique position of providing thousands of Michigan clinicians with QPP support, and connecting them to valuable program data through our proprietary scoring tool, MIPScast®, Altarum will provide a presentation packed with expert program guidance, teaching clinicians and their teams how to leverage their data and that of others to make smart, evidence-driven strategic decisions using Year 1 program data and feedback to their advantage, and learning Best Practices across the MIPS performance categories to ensure their organizations are earning the best MIPS Final Scores possible.