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Improving the Patient Care Experience while Reducing Costs

Running a practice is a complex endeavor. There are countless moving parts to manage. The processes put in place to adhere to different initiatives are often separate and overlapping, creating a lot of waste and duplicated efforts. The Quality, Safety, and the Satisfaction that you and your patients feel on a daily basis is compromised by the inefficiencies and risks introduced by overlapped processes.

You need an effective and sustainable way to optimize work and patient flow to improve productivity, morale, and your bottom line.

Our broad range of consulting experience includes both in-patient and out-patient services in diverse settings including small clinics, outpatient surgical centers, critical access hospitals (emergency departments, surgery, lab, etc.), and medical practices. We can help rapidly address common “pain points” and barriers relating to patient flow, productivity, efficiency, and staff/patient satisfaction – we work closely with organizations to develop practical and effective performance improvement plans – and we provide hands-on implementation assistance.

Please see the M-CEITA Consulting Services fact sheet for more information.

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