Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Technical Assistance

M-CEITA worked to help more clinicians effectively use EHR in Long-Term and Post-Acute Care settings.

Studies have shown that use of EHR can improve quality of care in LTPAC facilities through improvements in access to documentation, transitions of care via health information exchange (HIE), medication management, and analytics-informed decision making.

M-CEITA conducted a statewide survey of Michigan LTPAC providers which showed that many want help getting the most value out of their EHR systems.

We have helped thousands of ambulatory health care providers get more out of their EHR systems. In the future, Altarum looks forward to making our popular health IT technical assistance (TA) available directly to providers in LTPAC settings. Please see the LTPAC fact sheet to learn more.


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If you have questions about M-CEITA's LTPAC TA program, please email us at QIASInfo@altarum.org.



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