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The Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program (aka Meaningful Use) comes to an end this year but program audits can continue through 2023. Receiving a notice from the State of Michigan that you're being audited for prior program participation can be anxiety-inducing, but M-CEITA can help you be prepared! Join Bruce Maki, Regulatory and Incentive Program Analyst, as he reviews audit guidance, documentation suggestions, and shares tips to help you respond in the event that you are selected for an audit. Q&A will follow the presentation.

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As Meaningful Use (a.k.a. Promoting Interoperability) drives inexorably to its final conclusion, many are left wondering, What about Security Risk Analysis after Meaningful Use? Join M-CEITA’s Health IT Security Specialist, Andy Petrovich, to learn how your organization can prepare for the post-Meaningful Use future of Security Risk Analysis. Spoiler alert: the requirement to conduct an accurate and thorough Security Risk Analysis is not going away! This session will review the fundamentals of security risk analysis, documentation requirements, staying aware of threats and vulnerabilities, and how to sustain risk management for health care organizations big and small.



We're quickly approaching the end of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability program with a 2021 timeline that’s 6 months shorter than previous program years. This final year’s MU attestations MUST be completed by 9/30/21. This earlier deadline means that you need to be working on several things right NOW to ensure you can end the program strong and not miss out on your final incentive payment(s). Join Bruce Maki, M-CEITA Regulatory Analyst, as he reviews the implications of this shortened timeline in 2021 and helps to ensure you have what you need in the program's final year. Many clinicians are still eligible for incentives. Join us to ensure you don't miss out on claiming yours. Q & A will follow the presentation.